Special Needs Planning

Planning for a loved one with special needs is never easy. More than 3.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder, and as a result, special needs trusts are becoming more prevalent and increasingly important. A special needs trust is set up for individuals to supplement their governmental benefits. A special needs trust that is drafted correctly will allow the individual to receive governmental benefits while still receiving funds from the trust.

This area of law is very intricate and should be approached with the utmost care. The attorneys at Kievit & Silbaugh strive to ensure your loved ones are receiving the best care while guaranteeing they do not lose any benefits they are entitled to receive. Every person with special needs is different, and consequently each plan will need to be drafted according to each individual’s specific needs. The only way to determine which special needs trust is right for your family is to meet with a qualified special needs planner to discuss your needs.