Family Law

Family Law Matters

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution provides an alternative method to resolving your legal matters without pursuing the issue in Court. The attorneys at Kievit & Silbaugh believe that resolutions reached between parties on their own terms outside of the Court create a far better outcome for all parties involved. The attorneys at Kievit & Silbaugh are dedicated to working with clients to exhaust every effort to resolve matters outside of the Court, efforts that help to save their clients both time and money.

Termination of Parental Rights

The termination of parental rights is not an issue to be taken lightly, and the attorneys at Kievit & Silbaugh understand the delicate nature and sensitivity involved in these cases. Whether the case involves an absence of a parent, new marriage and adoption, or other circumstances, their attorneys are able to navigate the court process diligently and effectively to reach the best solution possible.

Juvenile Matters

Kievit & Silbaugh attorney, Nicole Thurner-Kievit, is a parent advocate for Dependency Matters, advocating for the parents’ rights to regain custody of their children after an unfortunate circumstance such as drug addiction or homelessness. Attorney Thurner-Keivit has experience working in both court-appointed and private cases and is very passionate for helping those families who find themselves in the Dependency Court system In addition, Thurner-Kievit serves as a Guardian Ad Litem for those who need an attorney to represent the best interests of the individual.

Divorce Matters

If you are thinking about divorce or have been served with divorce papers, the attorneys at Kievit & Silbaugh can help. Too often people are unaware of their options and their rights, and often marital property rights are forgone. At Kievit & Silbaugh, we strive to ensure you receive what you are entitled to upon the dissolution of the marriage, regardless of the situation.

Custody Matters

Custody disputes are never easy to navigate, and the attorneys at Kievit & Silbaugh provide a transparent and empathetic approach to the process. They are driven to achieve results while keeping the best interest of your children in mind. Most of our custody cases are settled without going to trial, a testament to the success of our Alternative Dispute Resolution process. We effectively identify issues that arise from co-parenting situations and work to resolve issues as efficiently as possible.