Estate Planning

Last Will and Testament

The will is one of the most important documents to have in your estate plan. The attorneys of Kievit & Silbaugh believe that it is never too early to begin your estate planning. Whether you have a large estate or are just starting out, the attorneys of Kievit & Silbaugh have the expertise and experience to tailor a plan that will suit all of your needs.

Powers of Attorney

Medical emergencies often times catch individuals and their families unaware and can require careful planning to navigate these turbulent times. The financial and health care powers of attorney are equally important documents to have in your estate plan. The future is unpredictable and these documents can help ensure you and your affairs are taken care of when the unexpected occurs. The attorneys of Kievit & Silbaugh can help you assess your options and guide the establishment of appropriate agent(s) to care for your financial and medical affairs in the event you are unable to do so yourself.

Medical Directive

Medical directives allow for individuals to specify the actions they desire in respect to their health when they are unable to make the decisions themselves. The attorneys of Kievit & Silbaugh appreciate the delicate nature of completing a medical directive. Through their compassion and thoughtfulness, the attorneys of Kievit & Silbaugh will help guide you throughout the process of completing a Medical Directive and put you at ease knowing you will be taken care of in the event the unexpected should happen.

Special Needs Trusts and Planning

If you or a loved one receives Social Security Disability and/or have special needs, it is important to plan appropriately. Effective planning will help to ensure that governmental benefits are not disqualified in the event you come to receive an inheritance or assets through another method. The attorneys at Kievit & Silbaugh understand the importance of planning for these events and know the interworking of the special needs trusts to ensure that you or your loved ones are fully covered.